Trotinette SwagTron Swagger 2 Plus Foldable Electric Scooter For Adults & Teens


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Trottinette électrique Swagger 2 plus de Swagtron pour adultes et adolescents, grande autonomie, cadre en fibre de carbone léger ; Design repliable, pour faciliter le transport

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We made the Swagger 2 Plus to accommodate your active lifestyle. Whether you’re riding to and from school or need a push to complete that last mile from the bus to your office. This motorized scooter has everything you need to boost your commute, power your adventure and make traveling a breeze.

The Swagger 2 Plus is powered by an efficient battery and ultra-quiet, 200W motor. The battery charges in just 3-4 hours. Fully charged, the Swagger 2 Plus can reach top speeds up to 15 mph, travel up to 6.38 miles, and easily conquer steep, 15-degree inclines. Select from three riding modes: Beginner, Commuter or Sport. Beginner caps speed at 6.2 mph. Sport lets you reach the top speed. Commuter is the balanced mode that optimizes speed and battery life, perfect for running errands and everyday use.

This electric kick scooters used leading-edge manufacturing processes with premium-grade materials. The frame is made from aerospace-grade aluminum that delivers durability and toughness without adding extra bulk. This battery-operated scooter weighs just under 21 pounds, yet has a rider capacity of 230 pounds.

Swagger 2 Plus rolls on 6-inch wheels, encased in solid rubber tires, which are maintenance-free and won’t go flat. The rubber naturally absorbs micro-impacts of bumpier rides and the scooter’s coil-sprung, dual-suspension system evens things out even more. All combined, every ride becomes a liquid-smooth adventure that feels more like gliding. Our triple-braking system is dependable, precise and, most importantly, fast. It combines e-brakes and a rear foot brake, stopping on a dime is practically assured. Then our “Autoguard” feature automatically disengages the motor when you brake.

We made sure this portable electric scooter was heavy on the “portable.” In less than a second, you can collapse this foldable electric scooter using its quick-fold mechanism and store it in compact spaces, even keep it next to you on the bus or train. It accommodates your life, not the other way around. The Swagger 2 Plus comes with other features for an active lifestyle: a built-in USB charging port integrated into the stem; ultra-bright LED display; and ergonomic, sweat-resistant handle grips for consistent comfort.

    • The best electric scooter for teenagers & adults emphasizes durability, performance & safety. Powered by a balanced 200W hub motor, you’ll cruise at top speeds of 15MPH and easily overcome steep, 20° inclines on throttle alone.
    • Experience a liquid-smooth ride with this teen and adult electric scooter on 6” wheels and solid, no-flat, rubber tires. Dual coil-sprung suspension evens out bumpier rides for an amazingly balanced feel.
    • Perfect for teens, electric scooters like the Swagger 2 Plus has braking safeguards that make stopping on a dime not only possible, it’s assured. And its “Autoguard” function disengages the motor when you brake.
    • This portable electric scooter is heavy on the “portable.” Collapse this folding electric scooter in seconds and store it in compact spaces or carry it up a flight of stairs. It’s durable, yet lightweight, at just 22 lb.
    • The ultra-durable frame, made from quality aerospace-grade aluminum, can handle rigorous daily use, which is good, because you’ll want to ride this lightweight electric scooter every day.

    Ultra-Bright Integrated Display

    Everything about your adventure is on display. The LED display, built into the handlebar, shows your current speed, riding mode, and battery life. Always prepared and never worry about getting caught off-guard by a low battery.

    Stay Juiced & Ready

    An active lifestyle requires near-constant connectivity. That’s why we included a built-in USB charging port, integrated into the stem for easy access. Keep your mobile device charged up and ready to go when you’re out and about.

    Stop on a Dime

    Our triple-braking system is dependable, precise and, most importantly, fast. It combines e-brakes, a rear footbrake, and our “Autoguard” feature that automatically disengages the motor when you brake.


Assembled Product Weight
20.9 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
38.97 x 14.56 x 43.30 Inches

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